Bitteks Review: How Can Bitteks Change Your Journey In Forex Trading?

Bitteks is an exciting new trading system that allows traders to trade stocks and futures with CFDs. It is easily accessible anywhere in the world through their Forex broker, which gives traders more freedom than ever before.

Bitteks was created by a team of experts in financial markets and software technology who wanted to provide this innovative new trading service for traders. This system is ideal for beginners and experienced traders alike, providing a platform that is easy to use with real-time training and free demo accounts. Bitteks reviews are readily available online for a better understanding.

The Bitteks Platform

Bitteks provides a unique trading platform where traders can open positions on futures and stocks through their Operating System or browser of choice. Traders can use the Bitteks platform on their mobile devices, tablet and laptop.

Their trading platform is a unique interface that allows easy navigation and access to the world of futures and stocks with a simple point and clicks system. The user-friendly toolbar enables traders to customise their own experience with ease.

Bitteks also offers an excellent platform for demo trading so that traders can test out their strategies in a risk-free environment before going live. This enables them to become acclimatised with the platform and maximise potential returns when it is time for real.

Bitteks Account Types:

To trade CFDs with Bitteks, traders will be able to choose from a wide range of accounts specially designed to suit their individual trading needs. You will see in Bitteks reviews that they have nine types of charges that vary in terms of levels of risk and potential profits.

  1. The Bitteks Demo Account:

Bitteks offers traders the chance to practise on their demo account before getting started on the real thing. This is ideal for beginners and experienced traders to test out strategies and plan entry points before attempting any live trading. The demo account offers a risk-free environment where traders can learn about futures and stocks without dealing with any real money.

  1. The Mini Account:

This account allows traders to test out the Bitteks CFDs platform and see if they like it before putting real money on the line. The Mini Account with a 250k equity is ideal for those looking to try out futures and stocks without risking much capital and those who want to broaden their trading experience before moving on to more significant accounts.

  1. The Standard Account:

This is the perfect account for traders looking to enter the world of futures and stocks with CFDs but want to keep their trading separate from other aspects of their lives.

  1. The Premium Account:

This is one of the most popular accounts available to traders as it provides a larger balance of 400k equity with zero commissions on live trades, which means that traders can have more leeway when it comes to placing trades.

  1. The Unlimited Account:

For those seriously looking to pursue futures and stocks, the Unlimited Account is perfect for professional traders who want complete freedom to invest their capital as they please.

  1. The Expert Account:

This account is for the trader who wants to trade bigger and faster. This high-risk account offers traders unlimited commission-free trades.

  1. The Gold Account:

For those looking to make use of margin trading and leverage their investment potential, the Gold account enables traders to benefit from investing using margin, which can allow for traders to double or triple their potential.

  1. Bitteks VIP Account:

This VIP account provides the ultimate trading experience for serious traders looking to trade futures and stocks in all possible ways. The VIP account also includes access to dedicated customer support and exclusive activities for VIP members only, which means that traders can enjoy their trading experience in peace while ensuring that they are fully supported at all times. 

Bitteks Education:

The Bitteks education section is another excellent tool for traders to discover more about futures and stocks trading. They cover everything from opening an account, trading strategies, market analysis, volatility levels, and even risk management. This information can be accessed through their dedicated YouTube channel, which allows easy access for new and existing traders alike. Bitteks also offers a variety of free webinars to discuss the latest trends in the financial markets, available on their website multiple times per week.


The world of trading stocks and futures is complicated, no matter how you look at it. With so many different platforms to choose from to offering traders a myriad of information on the subject, It is best to go through other Bitteks reviews to make the best decision suited for you. Bitteks has managed to find it niche in the market by providing an easy-to-use platform that allows for quick investments while catering to all types of traders, from beginners to professionals.

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