Ghostbusters: Afterlife’s Proton Packs Feature a Major Hidden Upgrade

Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman reveals a significant change made to the iconic Proton Packs in the upcoming sequel.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife director Jason Reitman revealed the infamous Proton Packs will feature a major upgrade in Sony’s upcoming sequel.

“You got the switch,” Reitman told Mythbusters‘ Adam Savage while admiring his homemade props at New York Comic Con. “This is amazing! This is like the one real addition to the pack. It was really important to Gil [Keenan] and I that we have the switch from the movie that is basically implied in the original but is never seen.” For eagle-eyed fans, the Proton Pack switch is something that’s long been conspicuous by its absence.

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Reitman expressed overall excitement and admiration for Savage’s cosplaying props, which also included a flight suit and a pair of goggles, as well as a light-up Cyclotron and a Ghost Trap with real smoke effects. “You genuinely have outdone yourself,” Reitman told Savage. “I mean, anytime we’re doing this kind of stuff we’re just implying magic and we’re doing it through smoke and we’re doing it through light.”

High-tech gadgets are a staple of the Ghostbusters franchise, and Afterlife will introduce a new one in the form of the ghost-sucking RTV, which expands on the original Ghost Trapper by adding remote control properties and off-road tires. In the first trailer, the RTV was seen being operated by Phoebe, played by McKenna Grace.

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“A lot of it is practical, like puppets and electronics. And that’s hugely important,” actor Finn Wolfhard recently explained while discussing Afterlife‘s practical effects. “For any fan, I’m sure if you walked onto a Ghostbusters set and there were no props and just a green screen, that would be such a bummer. And I think for us, that was, like, hugely important too … it made the set really fun.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the fourth film in the franchise, following the adventures of Trevor and Phoebe, who are the grandchildren of Dr. Egon Spengler (originally played by the late Harold Ramis). The film is scheduled to release exclusively in theaters on Nov. 19.

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