Snoop Dogg Reflects on His Mother’s Death and Apologizes to Eminem for Being ‘Out of

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Snoop Dogg, whose new project The Algorithm arrives next month, stopped by The Breakfast Club on Wednesday. The resulting 40-minute interview opened with some talk about the artist’s new role at Def Jam, then grew into a number of follow-up discussions touching on the recent death of his mother and an important conversation he had with Eminem.

Up top, Snoop was asked about being named an executive creative and strategic consultant at Def Jam Records, prompting the Beach Bum star to lay out his longtime admiration for the company.

“I just missed the mystique of Def Jam Records and what it meant to hip-hop and what it was all about,” he said around the 1:20 mark. “That was the only label we was competing with when I was on Death Row Records was Def Jam. Because they were like the epitome of what hip-hop was supposed to be. And I just feel like I still have a lot in me. I feel like I have a lot of information, wisdom, guidance, and tutelage for these artists.”

Later, Charlamagne pointed out (around two minutes in) that there was a period when “the West Coast saved Def Jam before,” referencing Warren G. Snoop noted that he his pen “had something to do with that as well,” though he didn’t elaborate beyond stating that he and Kurupt “and a few others” had gotten together to work for Warren at the time to make sure he had a “dope record.” At the time, Snoop recalled, Suge Knight was “taking everything,” so he “silently” worked with Warren.

Briefly, Snoop also responded to Meek Mill’s recent tweet about not getting “paid for music.” Around the 3:45 mark, Snoop pointed to the importance of the word “recoup” in business dealings of this nature.

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