When can I travel to the USA from the UK? Will end of the travel ban be delayed?

The US government has confirmed that double vaccinated UK citizens can travel to the USA from early November and unvaccinated children will also be allowed to enter the country.

Travellers will be able to fly over the pond from November 8, meaning families who have been separated throughout the pandemic can finally reunite.

As a result of the original mention of borders reopening back in September, several airlines claimed a significant increase in bookings to travel to the USA. This will no doubt be even greater with a date secured.

Want to find a decent airline to fly to the US with? See our flexible airline policy guide here

When will the US lift the travel ban from the UK?

Vaccinated UK residents can fly to the US from November 8. On return, you won’t need to take a day 2 PCR test either, as from 24 October PCRs are being replaced by lateral flow tests.

Is the USA on the red list for England, Wales and Scotland?

No. The USA is not on the UK red list. For vaccinated travellers that means you only need to take a day two test on your return to the UK from the USA.

These UK green list ‘rest of world’ rules only cover your return to the UK. You will not be able to travel to the USA before 8 November.

Can I travel to the USA now? Are there exemptions from the travel ban?

No, not unless you are a US citizen or resident. There are a limited number of other exemptions, which you can find via the US Department of State website.

When the ban is lifted will I need to be double vaccinated?

Yes. The US has confirmed it will only allow those who have been double vaccinated to travel when the ban is lifted. You will need to provide evidence of being fully vaccinated, which is typically fourteen days after your second or final dose of the vaccine.

You will likely be required to provide evidence of vaccination through the NHS covid app or an NHS letter in order to travel.  

Can unvaccinated children travel to the US from the UK?

Yes. Children under the age of 18 are exempt from the vaccination rule. Those aged between two and 17 need to take a pre-departure test within the three days prior to departure. If however an unvaccinated child is travelling alone, they will need to take the test within one day of departure.

Do you need to show a negative Covid test to enter the USA as well as proof of vaccination?

Yes. UK travellers will need to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test result, as well as proof of their vaccination status. You will need to have taken this tests no more than three days before your flight to the US departs. If you are crossing from a land border however, such as Mexico, you do not need to show proof of a negative Covid-19 test.

Children do not need to show proof of vaccination.

Is it safe to book a flight from the UK to the USA?

Now that a date has been confirmed for the travel ban lifting, it’s fine to book flights. However, we’d recommend booking with a flexible airline. If Covid-19 cases start to worsen in either the UK or US, there is always a possibility you won’t be able to travel. That doesn’t necessarily mean the flight will be cancelled, so you won’t automatically be entitled to your money back.

In this scenario, you will probably be able to rebook your flight for different dates, although if the new dates are more expensive you will have to pay the difference. That can be costly. 

If you are booking, British Airways book with confidence policy and Virgin Atlantic’s flexible booking policy are the most generous. Both airlines allow you to not travel for any reason and hold the value of your flight as a voucher. You can use the voucher to rebook new dates, or even a different destination.  

As our comparison of US and UK airline flexible booking policies shows, BA and Virgin have far more flexible policies than American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue.

Package holidays are a better way to protect your money. If the travel ban remains, your operator will cancel your package holiday entitling you to rebook for a new date or to receive a full refund. Many trips to Florida and Disneyland in California are offered on a package basis. 

If you are planning to fly with Tui, Virgin or British Airways, you might consider booking a package holiday (accommodation and flights together)  instead with Tui Holidays, Virgin Holidays or British Airways

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