2021 cruise ship calls expected to reach almost 340 – Barbados Today

Barbados is expected to have 335 cruise ship visits to the Bridgetown Port in 2021.

Speaking during a plaque ceremony to welcome the AIDASol cruise ship at the Bridgetown Port, Chairman of the Board of Directors Barbados Port Inc Peter Odle said while the number of cruise ship visits will be down from last year’s total, it must be noted the last 18 months have been challenging worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Chairman said over the last few months, Barbados has had extensive discussions regarding its strict travel protocols to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

“We have tried to remain as positive as we can. Barbados has it under control and the numbers will start to recede shortly,” Odle said.

Odle said the arrival of AIDASol with 926 passengers and 620 crew members, on board, was appreciated.

He said: “I understand that your ship is especially focused on attracting the young and the active guests from the German market and that you can accommodate normally 2 198 passengers and 1 096 cabins. Your sister the AIDAPearla will homeport in Barbados this year, later on. I just want to say thank you very much, welcome to all of your team”.

Captain of AIDAsol Jorg Rudolf Miklitza said he was hopeful to see the ongoing recovery of the cruise industry following a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Captain said: “We have a specific cruise for all the passengers who don’t like to fly far distances. We bring them from Germany, over the Atlantic, and then some nice ports in the Caribbean, and then back to Germany. Thank you very much for the very warm welcome”. (AH)

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