Boris Johnson stresses importance of Covid booster jabs

Boris Johnson has warned double-vaccinated Britons against potential complacency over Covid, saying that waning immunity over time meant booster jabs were vital for continued protection.

The prime minister insisted, however, that there was no need yet for the government’s so-called plan B, which would reimpose restrictions such as mask wearing and home working, despite data showing infections in England at levels last seen at the height of the second wave in January.

“We’re watching the numbers every day,” Johnson told reporters before the G20 summit in Rome, which he is attending in the run-up to next week’s Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow.

“Yes it’s true that cases are high, but they do not currently constitute any reason to go to plan B. I think it’s agreed among absolutely everybody, apart from possibly the Labour party. So we’re sticking with the plan.”

Figures published by the Office for National Statistics on Friday estimated that around one in 50 people in England had Covid in the week ending 22 October, the highest level since late December and early January.

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