Today FM star Alison Curtis opens up about moving from Canada to Ireland

Today FM star Alison Curtis has opened up about moving from Canada to Ireland – and the different Halloween traditions between the countries.

The radio DJ told RSVP Magazine that Halloween is her favourite time of year as she and her twin have their birthday on November 1.

“Growing up it was always a big week of celebrating,” she said.

“We always went all out and got amazing costumes and decorated the house. I continued this way into my 20s and when I moved to Ireland was a little disappointed to find out it wasn’t as big of a deal.

“I hosted a full-on Halloween party my first year living here and people really got into it. Thankfully Halloween has become a much bigger tradition in Ireland and more for the kids than the pranks.”

She revealed she is partial to a scary movie when she’s in the mood.

“I don’t have any one favourite but throughout the years I have gone back to The Shining a lot and love The Blair Witch Project still for a really good fright,” she said.

“The absolute scariest movie I have ever seen though, and will never watch again, is Wolf Creek. It was so horrifying.”

Alison doesn’t have any phobias, but she avoids certain unlucky numbers.

“I don’t really have any phobias thankfully but I have this odd situation whereby I want to avoid certain numbers,” she went on.

“This is because when I was very young two of my best friends were from Japan. They told me that number 4 and 9 were very unlucky. They meant illness and death. I have been uncomfortable with those numbers since!”

She also thinks she may have some psychic abilities.

“I haven’t even been to a psychic but my mother did when she was younger.

“She said the woman predicted the initials of her husband (my father) and that she would have twins, which she did! I sometimes get feelings about outcomes for things which come true but I think a lot of people have these tendencies too.”

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