Carole Baskin and her husband are suing Netflix over film footage of the couple used in

  • Lawyers for the Baskins said the film footage gives a false impression they agreed to participate.
  • The lawsuit argues that the Baskins never signed appearance releases for subsequent projects.
  • Royal Goode Productions asked Joe Exotic’s niece to sign a new release for the second project.

A lawyer representing Carole and Howard Baskin filed a lawsuit against


and Royal Goode Productions on Monday for their alleged use of unauthorized footage of the couple in a sequel to their “Tiger King” documentary, which is slated for release on November 17.

“The Baskins are aware that they cannot control the stories that may be spun by defendants no matter how misleading, distorted, unethical, and libelous. But, the Baskins should not be forced to be involuntary participants in this endeavor
through the unauthorized use of the film footage,” the lawsuit says. “This film footage alone gives the
false impression that the Baskins endorse or, at least agreed to participate in ‘Tiger King 2.'”

The lawsuit argues that the appearance releases signed by the Baskins for “Tiger King” only mentioned a single “documentary motion picture” and no subsequent projects.

Lawyers retained by the Baskins asked entertainment industry veteran Steven Madoff, the former executive vice president of business and legal affairs for Paramount Pictures Corporation, for his expertise on the matter.

“From the absence of such terms, it is clear to me as a motion picture industry professional, that the scope
of the appearance releases is limited to a single ‘documentary motion picture’ and not sequels, or an episodic televisions series or other productions or works derived from the original ‘documentary motion picture’ or remakes,” Madoff said, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Royal Goode Productions reapproached Joe Exotic’s niece, Chealsi Putnam, about participating in “Tiger King 2,” and told her that she would need to sign new appearance releases for the project. The Baskins’ representation argued that this proves Royal Goode Productions knew the original releases were only good for the original project and do not extend to use of film footage in “Tiger King 2.”

The Baskins and Putnam signed the same appearance releases for the original documentary, according to the lawsuit.

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