Pierce County Council Appoints Trudeau To 27th District Seat

TACOMA, WA — The 27th Legislative District has a new representative in State Senator Yasmin Trudeau.

“Trudeau’s life story and experience made her a perfect fit for a senator representing the 27th Legislative District,” said Pierce County Council Chair Derek Young in a statement confirming Trudeau’s selection. “We look forward to her joining the Pierce County delegation.”

The Pierce County Council selected Trudeau to fill the vacant position Tuesday, after a period of questioning from council members and public comment.

“It’s the grit of this community that has shaped me,” Trudeau said at Tuesday’s meeting. “And it inspires me to represent the people of the 27th, the people of this city and the people of Pierce County in the legislature.

“I don’t believe that anybody just deserves to be an elected official. To me, leadership is representing the interests of your constituents and earning and constantly re-earning the opportunity to represent your community.”

Trudeau had previously served as the legislative director for the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and as a policy analyst for the Washington State Senate Democratic Caucus.

Trudeau beat out two other finalists, Desiree Wilkins Finch and LaMont Green, who also volunteered to fill the position and had been forwarded to the council by the 27th district’s Democratic Precinct Committee Officers.

“We’re grateful that the 27th Legislative District Democrats sent us a diverse slate of highly qualified candidates. Each brought their own strengths, making it a difficult choice for the Council,” Young said.

Trudeau will replace former State Senator Jeannie Darneille (D-Tacoma), who stepped down from her position at the state legislature to take on a new role as the Assistant Secretary of DOC’s Women’s Prison Division. Following her resignation, the

Darneille represented the 27th Legislative District, covering most of northern Tacoma, for more than two decades.

Trudeau will hold Darneille’s seat through the remainder Darneille’s latest term, which expires in November 2022.

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