Man charged with abducting Cleo Smith appears in court – latest news

Missing four-year-old Cleo Smith found ‘alive and well’ in Western Australia

A 36-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the abduction of four-year-old Cleo Smith.

Terry Kelly appeared briefly at Carnarvon Magistrates’ Court on Thursday faced with a string of charges, including forcibly taking a child under 16.

He was refused bail and is expected to appear again in court on 6 December.

It comes after Cleo vanished from her family’s tent in the early hours of 16 October at the remote Blowholes Shacks campsite in Macleod, sparking a huge search.

The youngster was found safe on Wednesday after police raided a locked house in Carnarvon, a town about 62 miles south of the campsite and just two miles from her family home.

She had been playing with dolls with the light on inside a room at the time, police said.

In an audio recording released by police of the moment Cleo was found, an officer can be heard saying “We’ve got her, we’ve got her” as another asks the child “What’s your name, sweetheart?” After being asked a third time, the child finally responds: “My name is Cleo.”

Cleo’s mother, Ellie Smith, said her “family is whole again” after the youngster was reunited with her parents, while Australian prime minister Scott Morrison described the breakthrough as “a huge relief”.

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Police yet to interview Cleo Smith

The police are yet to interview Cleo Smith in the probe about her abduction, said Deputy Commissioner Col Blanch, adding that they’ve go to be “really careful” with the four-year-old.

“We wanted to give them time as a family, that’s really important. We will be talking to Cleo but we have to do it very carefully. We’ll try to get information out of her about those 18 days – that’s a really hard, slow process and it is OK if she doesn’t want to tell us.”

Western Australia Premiere Mark McGowan poses with police officers after speaking at a press conference in front of the Carnarvon Police Station on 4 November 2021 in Carnarvon, Australia

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Terence Darrell Kelly winks at media during prison transfer

The man charged with the abduction of Cleo Smith winked at the media while being moved to a maximum-security prison, reported

Terence Darrell Kelly was being transferred from Carnarvon to Perth, while being surrounded by heavily armed prison squad officers. Photos later showed Mr Kelly offering a wink to media as he boarded the plane.

The Western Australia Department of Justice confirmed his transfer. “Officers from the Department of Justice’s special operations group will undertake the escort and transfer of the prisoner from Carnarvon to Perth,” it said.

Terence Darrell Kelly boards a plane after being taken into custody by members of the Special Operations Group at Carnarvon airport on 5 November 2021 in Carnarvon , Australia

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‘I’m really stoked’: Helicopter pilot describes moment Cleo was found

A 22-year-old helicopter pilot, who spent hours searching for Cleo, said that his “heart stopped” when he learnt that the four-year-old had been found unharmed.

“I never really lost hope during this time… and now that they’ve found her it’s just amazing,” Dave Ammann told the West Australian.

I’m stoked, I’m really stoked. The whole town is.”He said he couldn’t believe when he was told that Cleo was rescued as “you don’t expect stories like these to have happy endings”.

“There really aren’t any words to describe how we are feeling.”

Cleo Smith is carried inside a friend’s house by her mother on 4 November 2021 in Carnarvon, Australia

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Police trying to establish movement of accused in Cleo Smith’s abduction case

The police will now be shifting the focus of the investigation to tracking the movement of a 36-year-old suspect days before Cleo Smith was rescued from inside a house in Carnarvon.

Detective Superintendent Rod Wilde said that the police were not sure if Cleo had been inside the home for all 18 days since her disappearance from her parents’ tent at the Blowholes campground.

“That’s still something that we’re going through and trying to establish,” he was quoted as saying by ABC News.

Police are now asking people from across the town in WA’s Gascoyne region to supply all the CCTV footage from a day before the alleged abduction to 2 November, when Cleo was found.

“Now that we have knowledge of a suspect, I’m asking businesses and people within Carnarvon to provide to the investigative team any CCTV that they might have between Friday the 15th and Tuesday the 2nd,” Detective Senior Sergeant Cameron Blaine said yesterday.

Cleo Smith is carried inside a friend’s house by her mother on 4 November 2021 in Carnarvon, Australia

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Man wrongly identified as Cleo Smith abductor intends to sue Seven News

A man wrongly identified as the abductor of Cleo Smith plans to sue Seven News.

Terry Flowers told Ngaarda Media that he was in the hospital with his baby when he was told that he had been identified as the kidnapper of the four-year-old, who was found in the small hours of Wednesday morning after 18 days of search.

“My sister rang me and told me they’ve got my photo up for the person who took the girl,” he said. On seeing his photo on a social media post, Mr Flowers went to the local police station for help. While the post was taken down, it was picked up Channel 7.

Mr Flowers says that he went into the police station again where he got a panic attack and had to receive medical treatment. “I ended up getting more upset and I had a panic attack in the police station.”

While on Wednesday night, Seven News published an apology for the mistake, Flowers says he still wants to bring a legal claim against them.

“I want them to do their job more seriously, and professionally and I’m gonna end up suing them anyways, cause it’s not the right thing for them to be doing,” he said.

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Police who found Cleo Smith applauded at local pub

Locals to a Carnarvon pub gave a spirited round of applause on the arrival of the large team of police officers who helped find Cleo Smith.

The 50-strong team of officers packed the bar as Commissioner Chris Dawson gave them a debrief on what could be the biggest case of their careers.

Constable Kurt Ford, among the officers, said: “I don’t think we had really any expectations going in — we didn’t know what we were going into.

“If anything, our expectations weren’t great. It was an emotional experience going in, and it was a good result.

“I just saw a little girl sitting there and didn’t think about anything else than picking her up.”

Western Australia Premiere Mark…

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