Toddler with long hair compared to Boris Johnson after locks grew in lockdown

A toddler with long blonde hair is often confused with Prime Minister Boris Johnson according to his mum who fell in love with his “little surfer dude” locks

CATERS NEWS. (Pictured: 18 month old Chester Leeson.) An adorable toddler has been compared to Boris Johnson due to his striking long blonde locks. .Amy Leeson's son, Chester, who is 18-months-old, has distinct bright blonde, long and thick blonde hair that started to grow rapidly when he was four months old - something that has led to him being compared to Boris. .The 34-year-old from Leicester says that she couldn't imagine her little boy with a different hairstyle and that his long blonde suits his free-spirited personality. .SEE CATERS COPY
Chester Leeson, 18-months-old, and not Prime Minister Boris Johnson

A toddler with long blonde hair is being compared to Boris Johnson at just 18-months-old.

Chester Leeson has distinct, bright blonde hair that began growing when he was only four months old.

His thick locks has given him an uncanny resemblance to the prime minister’s own messy hair and led to strangers pointing out the similarity.

Chester’s mother, Amy said she could not imagine her son with a different hairstyle and it matches his free-spirited, free-loving personality, much like the prime minister.

The 34-year-old said: “Chester’s hair really started kicking in when he was about four months old when we were in the first lockdown.

Chester Leeson, 18-months-old


Caters News Agency)

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson

“I obviously couldn’t take him to the hairdressers for a little trim and I definitely wasn’t going to be taking a pair of scissors to my baby’s hair so we just let it go.

“And it just kept growing and growing, but I think it really suits him.

“People have compared his hair to resembling Boris Johnson’s which is hilarious.

“I think it is the bright blonde colour and the length that make people think that.

“He’s like a little surfer dude.”

Due to the lockdown, Chester’s hair grew long and thick and Amy did not have the chance to cut it and since fell in love with the style.

Chester’s dad, Kieran, 36, wasn’t as sure on the style at first Amy said, but it has grown on him as well.

She added how she often gave him a little top knot now.

Even when the country unlocked and she could take her son back to the hairdressers once again, Amy had fallen so in love with the haircut she couldn’t bring herself to have it cut.

Chester and his older brother Clark


Caters News Agency)

Chester and his mum Amy, who’s a huge fan of his striking blonde locks


Caters News Agency)

She added: “When we were able to go to the hairdressers we had it trimmed around his face and into more of a little style which I think is adorable.

“He’s got such amazingly thick hair for a little child. I can even plait the top of it if he sits still for long enough.

“His older brother, Clark, age five, has more golden blonde coloured hair, whereas Chester’s is bright blonde, and Clark’s is shorter too. His hair never grew as fast as Chester’s does.”

As well as earning comparisons to the prime minister, Amy said Chester is often thought to be a girl because of his hair.

Amy says that Chester is also sometimes confused as being a girl because of his hair.

She said: “I am excited to see where Chester’s hair goes. I’m happy to leave it growing at the moment and see how it ends up.

“I love his unique hair and we will keep it like this until he decides he would like to have a haircut.”

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