German man sets record for massive herring salad | DW | 07.11.2021

Andre Domke, a restaurateur from Heringsdorf on the northeast German Baltic Sea island of Usedom, set a world record on Sunday for making the largest portion of herring salad to ever be served.

Because of requirements that the quantity produced must also be consumed, Domke’s 147-kilogram (324-pound) herring salad is hard to top.

Former professional boxer Axel Schulz and legendary boxing coach Ulli Wegner were in Heringsdorf to assist with the preparation and ultimate consumption of the epic-sized herring salad.

A shovel full of herring salad

A record-setting 147 kilos of herring means there is plenty to shovel back — and then some

Three-time record breaker

The record-shattering “heringshäckerle” on offer is a typical regional dish consisting of herring, apples, onions, dill and gherkins.

“The preparation is just one side of the coin,” said Domke. 

“The challenge already starts in the planing phase, because I not only have to prepare and serve my record-breaking dishes true to the original recipe, but also have to ensure that they are actually eaten in accordance with the record rules.”

Olaf Kuchenbecker of the Record Institute of Germany noted that Domke set a world record in 2018 for the world’s largest fish aspic — fish encased in a gelatin made of broth — and in 2019 for the world’s largest bowl of fish solyanka — a type of fish soup.

“Andre Domke’s ideas always continue to draw the interest of the public,” Kuchenbecker said. He added that it was the first time a world record had been attempted with a herring salad.

This article was written in part with material from German news agency dpa.

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