Not only Germany but also in these countries, corona wreaked havoc, then so many cases

Washington: We all know that for a long time now, the world’s corona havoc has not been reduced, even today there are many countries where new cases of corona are being seen every day, as well as the increasing number of cases of this infection. Since then, fear among people has been growing even more rapidly, with new reports of infection surging in many states. So let’s know.

34,002 cases in Germany: The Covid epidemic has also started wreaking havoc in Germany.  According to media reports, 34,002 covid cases have been reported in Germany in a day while 142 patients have died in the same period. In Germany, 4,743,490 covid cases have been reported so far, while 96,488 patients have lost their lives due to corona epidemic. Reports say that two-thirds of the eligible population of the European country, Germany, has undergone covid vaccination.

Things are not good in the U.S. and U.K. too :-

U.S.: Fear of an epidemic among people in the U.S. is growing even faster amid the ever-increasing corona cases. Covid infection cases in Colorado province have reached the top level of the year. Now, the situation is such that hospitals do not have beds for treatment of other diseases.

U.K.: According to recently released reports, britain has seen 30,693 new cases of covid infection, while 155 people have lost their lives. On Friday, 34,029 new cases were reported, while 193 patients died.

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Read More: Not only Germany but also in these countries, corona wreaked havoc, then so many cases

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