I’m A Celeb’s Dec rips Boris Johnson’s ‘forgive me’ speech breakdown

I’m A Celebrity host Dec Donnelly ripped into Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his “forgive me” speech breakdown as he hosted the castle show on ITV alongside Ant McPartlin

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I’m A Celeb: Dec mimics Boris Johnson’s speech blunder

Dec Donnelly ripped into Boris Johnson’s ‘forgive me’ gaffe on I’m A Celebrity tonight.

The presenter referenced the Prime Minister’s fumbling speech as he spoke to business leaders at the CBI conference, where he lost his place for 20 seconds before then rambling about Peppa Pig in the bizarre speech.

Dec and Ant were doing a link between scenes on the show when he started fumbling with his notes for the show, saying “forgive me” multiple times as he fiddled with the paper.

Ant said: “Well that cake went down well didn’t it? And the way Richard described it – my tastebuds are joining into a harmonious chorus of joy,” before Dec interjected, adding: “It was pure poetry.”

Dec shuffled his papers as he said ‘forgive me’ multiple times

“It was a symphony of sugary sensation. It was a culinary confection beyond your wildest dreams,” Dec continued.

“It was a waltz through a galaxy of formidable flavours,” he added, when Ant said: “Where do we get it?”

Dec then went to check his notes, exclaiming he had it written down somewhere, before fumbling with the papers as he said forgive me multiple times, and then added: “We got it in Poundland in Rhyl.”

Ant and Dec left fans in hysteric with the joke

Viewers were left in hysterics as they watched the scenes unfold.

“Hahhaha Ant and Dec mocking Boris’ faux pas from today ‘ forgive me, forgive me’. Perfection #ImACeleb#ImACelebrity,” one wrote.

Another added: “Ant and Dec so quick on Forgive me from Boris earlier #ImACeleb.”

A third wrote on Twitter : ” #ImACeleb dec is so funny lol err forgive me,” with a fourth penning alongside a string of laughing emojis: “Dec Proper ripping into #BorisJohnson, please Forgive me. Brilliant . #ImACeleb#Forgiveme.”

Boris Johnson lost his place in his speech earlier today



“Bravo @antanddec that was a good one! ‘ Forgive me…. forgive me…’ #ImACeleb,” another Twitter user shared, whilst another I’m A Celeb fan added: ” Forgive me but that Boris Johnson take on @ImACelebrity was utterly brilliant. Hilarious, @AntAndDec. Well played. #ImACeleb#ImACelebrity.”

Boris’ speech went off the rails after he appeared to lose his place as he addressed business leaders. From there, he spent around 20 seconds rifling through his notes as he muttered ‘forgive me’ and ‘blast it’.

He then went on to ask why the business leaders hadn’t visited Peppa Pig World, which is around 330 miles away from South Shields.

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