UK politics live: government narrowly wins vote on social care cap with majority of 26

We on this side of the chamber always thought levelling up was just a slogan with little substance to it, but now we know its actually worse than that, it is in fact a con trick, a lie, that will leave many of those who it was meant to be supporting worse off.

And all those members opposite who loyally trooped through the lobbies in September to impose the social care levy knowing it would disproportionately impact their less well off constituents when paying into it, must now, to use a phrase we have heard a lot of in the last week, be suffering from buyers remorse- because it must have dawned on them by now that they have been sold a pup, that there is no plan to fix social care, that this Bill won’t stop people having to sell their homes, and the only people it will help are those already comfortably well off.

So the only way they can represent their constituents, constituents who voted for them because they believed that the Conservative party had changed, that it was at last on the side of ordinary people, is by joining us in the lobbies to vote against the government and show them that they wont stand for a government that breaks its promises.


And finally, I would remind members opposite of the manifesto they stood on, which said clearly and unambiguously in respect of social care that the prerequisite of any solution will be a guarantee that no one needing care has to sell their home to pay for it.

If they do not think the government amendment gives that guarantee, that it breaks that promise they made to their electorate, then they should join us in the lobbies, take back control, and vote against it.

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