Bill Burr Explains The Difference Between Star Wars Fans & Sports Fans

Comedian Bill Burr stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night to promote the new season of his Netflix series F is for Family, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to veer towards Burr’s newfound fame in the world of Star Wars. The actor/comedian has now appeared in two seasons of The Mandalorian, and he even has his own action figure hitting shelves soon. However, Burr is still adjusting to dealing with his new category of fans, who are notably different from the loud, obnoxious sports fans who listen to his podcast.

Here’s what he told Kimmel:

So it’s been interesting to go into that world because, you know, those fans are just as rabid as sports fans. But their vibe is totally different. Star Wars fans are like, “Hey, wow, I really, really liked you in that episode.” They’re all like respectful and stuff. And then like I always know it’s a sports fan because I’ll just be walking down the street with my wife and they’ll just say, “Hey, Billy B*tch Tits! Hey, the Pats suck!” And I’ll be like, “Hey, thank you! Thanks for listening to the podcast.”

While Burr appreciates how polite Star Wars fans can be, they’re not without their faults. The comedian definitely gets a weird vibe from them sometimes.

“Oh, the Star Wars people can get a little creepy. Like they seem like they’d be in your bushes, possibly,” Burr quipped. “Where a sports fan would just be urinating on your bushes. [The Star Wars fan] would be in it trying to think, I don’t know, ‘He held the Baby Yoda. I need to see what his living room looks like.’”

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