Xbox considering platinum-like rewards for achievements system – Gamepur

Microsoft pioneered the concept of platform-wide progression systems with its introduction of achievements on the Xbox 360. In the years since Valve added a similar system, but it’s the PlayStation trophies that are the most interesting competitor. An equivalent to the PlayStation platinum trophy may be part of Microsoft’s roadmap in the near future.

Director of Program Management Jason Ronald appeared on the Iron Lords Podcast, during which the topic of achievements was brought up. When asked whether Xbox would add an additional reward to the existing system for 100% completion, Ronald stated, “Nothing to announce today, but definitely top of mind for us as we look to the road ahead.”

Ronald’s answer was addressing more than just the concept of Microsoft’s answer to a platinum trophy. He preceded his answer by discussing the various ways different people play, stating that some players love multiplayer whereas others play many different types of games. Ronald stressed the importance of finding a way to reward players in multiple ways, including reaching 100% completion.

The team wants to figure out how all consumers can gain progression for playing the way they want to play. While the platinum achievement is at the forefront of Xbox achievement hunters’ minds, Xbox is potentially rolling out other rewards along with it.

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