‘Missed Opportunity’: Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE) on Board With Trudeau

OTTAWA, Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE) believes today’s Throne Speech was a missed opportunity for the Trudeau Government to position nuclear at the forefront of Canada’s energy transition, as we collectively tackle the Climate Emergency and move to a net-zero electric future.

“While we certainly agree with Mr. Trudeau’s goal of a 100 percent net-zero electricity future, we did not see the word ‘nuclear’ come up. Nuclear must play a keystone role in getting Canada to net-zero,” said Dr. Chris Keefer, President, Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE). “The next decade will bring the rapid electrification of transportation, heating and industry requiring Canada to 2x or 3x our grid capacity,” said Dr. Keefer.

The nuclear community has – at present! – hard-working Canadians to power the just transition, and so the absence of nuclear power and CANDU’s future from the conversation was puzzling.

Keefer added, “This new supergrid has to be ultra-reliable to ‘keep my hospital lights on and the ventilators running’. The only technology that can underpin that reliability is nuclear and therefore it must be the backbone of the Government’s ‘Electrify Everything’ agenda.”

Canada’s CANDU intellectual property and 76,000-person supply chain from mining to design, production, refurbishments to isotope production are extremely vulnerable to Government apathy and lack of enthusiasm in promoting “this gem of Canadian engineering,” and the answer to meeting net-zero.

Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE) will be now be anticipating Minister Wikinson and Minister Guilbeault’s mandate letters to ensure alignment with previous support the Trudeau Government has provided the Nuclear community.

Recently, the United Nations (UN) issued a red alert on climate saying ‘a dramatic transformation of the global energy system is required.’ This is why Environment and Climate Change Minister Guilbeault’s evasive responses to questions about nuclear energy at COP26 were so alarming. In contrast, former Natural Resources Minister Seamus O’Regan stated on numerous occasions that “We have not seen a model where we can get to net-zero emissions by 2050 without nuclear.”

In addition, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has identified four principal decarbonization pathways for limiting global warming to 1.5°C, all requiring an expansion of nuclear energy, representing a scientific consensus.

“With the unprecedented B.C. flooding disaster occupying the minds of all Canadians as the latest example of the Climate Emergency, we urge the Trudeau Government to firmly position nuclear energy at the centre of the country’s energy transition policy,” concluded Dr. Keefer.

About Canadians for Nuclear Energy (C4NE):
Canadians for Nuclear Energy is a group of volunteer, grassroots climate, clean air and labour advocates who believe that nuclear energy is the most environmentally friendly form of energy generation.

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