Arcane Replaces Stranger Things & Mandalorian As Number 1 Streaming Show

Netflix’s League of Legends series Arcane has become the #1 streaming show in the United States, surpassing Stranger Things and The Mandalorian.

Netflix’s new series Arcane is now the number one streaming show in the U.S. as of last week. Arcane, which premiered on the streaming service on November 6, is a CG-animated series from the League of Legends universe. League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online game that has been in circulation since 2009. The game has grown over the years into one of the world’s largest esports, with a dozen leagues across the globe competing in tournaments annually.

League of Legends is a more battle-oriented game, so Arcane expands on the universe and story around its edges. It is a prequel to the time period in which the game is set, following popular characters from the game’s locations of Piltover, a utopian haven for the upper class, and Zaun, a downtrodden and grimy city that houses the poor. The series stars Hailee Steinfeld (who also stars in the Disney+ MCU streaming series Hawkeye, which premiered yesterday) and Ella Purnell as sisters Vi and Jinx, who find themselves split across ideological lines in a brewing war. The series also stars Kevin Alejandro, Katie Leung, Harry Lloyd, Jason Spisak, Toks Olagundoye, JB Blanc, and Reed Shannon.


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Per Deadline, during the week of November 13 – November 19, Arcane became the number 1 streaming series in the United States. The numbers reflect that it beat out perennial streaming juggernauts like Netflix’s Stranger Things, which has a fourth season dropping on the service next year, and Disney+’s The Mandalorian, which birthed the spinoff The Book of Boba Fett, premiering this December. Worldwide, Arcane is also doing well, taking the #3 slot behind HBO’s Game of Thrones and Amazon’s The Wheel of Time.

Arcane is a series that goes off the usual Netflix model, releasing batches of three episodes at a time rather than premiering the entire season at once. This may account for the rapid growth of the series in the weeks since it premiered because new viewers are joining each week as the buzz expands. Understandably, Arcane season 2 has already been renewed.

It might be surprising for some that Arcane has been such an explosive hit. However, it’s one of the first series to integrate the world of streaming entertainment and online gaming in a successful way, which seems to be drawing in the huge audience from the world of gaming and game streaming. Those who exist only in the sphere of movies and TV might be unaware of how widely popular a game like League of Legends truly is, but the gaming community is clearly turning out in droves to prove how deep the fandom goes.

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Source: Deadline

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