Maxey hilariously interrupts Seth’s Steph 3-point record answer

Steph Curry is on the brink of breaking Ray Allen’s all-time NBA 3-point record

Scoring six 3s Wednesday night in the Warriors’ 104-94 win over the Portland Trail Blazers at Chase Center, Curry (2,964) is now just 10 triples away from breaking Allen’s record of 2,973 3-pointers. 

His next opportunity will come against his brother, Seth, and the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday night at Wells Fargo Center. 

Prior to the Warriors’ tip-off Wednesday night, Seth was asked after the Sixers’ win over the Charlotte Hornets about Steph possibly breaking the record against Portland Wednesday night. 

“I highly doubt he gets 16 of them tonight, so we’ll see him on Saturday,” Seth Curry told reporters.

A reporter then asked Seth if he’d like to see his brother break the record against him and the Sixers. Guard Tyrese Maxey, who was sitting next to Curry in the postgame press conference, interjected with an emphatic response. 

Curry: “Uhh…”

“NO!” Maxey said. 

“It’s pretty inevitable,” Curry said. “He’s shooting it well. He’ll get it one of these days. Hopefully, he makes about 14 tonight and we hold him to two or three.”

Curry was hoping that his brother would do most of the work Wednesday night against the Trail Blazers and then break the record with just a couple of 3s against his Sixers. A convenient outcome that would have allowed him to easily congratulate his brother right then and there while also not getting torched by his older brother.


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Instead, it looks like Steph will have to run up the score against his brother Saturday if he hopes to score 10 3s and break Allen’s record.

It’s safe to say that both Curry brothers will bring their A-game. 

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