Have You Seen This? What life would be like if we had our own soundtracks

Utah musician helps show us what life would be like if it came with built-in music. (Hint: Life would be more dramatic.) (Daniel LaBelle via Youtube)

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AT HOME — Virtually every movie ever made would fall flat if it didn’t have a musical score.

There is one notable exception in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” which actually has no music that doesn’t stop the feeling of terror. But I digress.

Music in films can help define a character. If Darth Vader had no theme song, he’d just be a creep in a cape that makes us uncomfortable, but he may not strike us as a powerful villain.

But music is also meant to heighten the viewer’s emotions, good or bad. I dare you to listen to “Chariots of Fire” or “Eye of the Tiger” and not feel inspired for slightly different, sports-related reasons.

In essence, music can make everything more dramatic.

YouTube user Daniel LaBelle, with the help of Utah violinist Rob Landes, shows us just how much more dramatic our lives could be if we had our own personal soundtracks.

In the video, Daniel wakes up in the morning to Edvard Grieg’s “Peer Gynt,” realizes he’s late to Rimsky Korsakov’s “Flight of the Bumblebee,” takes a shower to “Little April Shower” from Disney’s Bambi, and more, along with a few comedic surprises.

Rob not only plays the soundtrack on his violin, but he’s d experiencing Daniel’s day in his own way as well. It’s a feat by itself because it means keeping up with Daniel, who is known for “running fast” while doing everyday situations such as playing golf at high speeds.

What songs would play in the soundtrack of your life?

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