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Forex trading is a global 24-hour market that begins every day in Sydney, moves through Tokyo, London, and New York. Investors can monitor economic, social, and political events in many nations at any time, and assess their impact on foreign exchange movements to make timely decisions. The trading platform plays a crucial role in foreign currency operations, and local investors aim to discover a suitable integrated online trading platform.

China’s foreign exchange market is loosening, and more and more large international foreign exchange trading platforms are setting up shop in China and seizing market share. The Global Brand Value Research Center’s comprehensive platform qualifications, regulatory levels, and trading software are chosen. A comprehensive online trading platform ranks 2022 latest list, allowing investors to make an informed decision.

1. cTrader APP

Traders can use this platform to trade foreign exchange, CFDs, indices, stocks, precious metals, and oil. It offers indicators, charts, technical analysis and tools, live news, and so on. Many brokers have already installed this application, and the installed capacity is substantial. For example, FXProcTrade of FXPro, a British foreign exchange broker, has an installed capacity of 50,000-100,000.

2. OANDA fxTrade

It is designed for professional traders and used for institutional-level transactions, and it is completely developed by the company Oanda Corporation. More than 90 currencies, precious metals, and CFDs are available, as well as charting tools, real-time news from major financial information providers, and economic calendars. It is appropriate for wealthy investors interested in low-cost foreign exchange and trading multiple products on the same platform.

3. Libertex

A CFD trading platform that is popular among British traders looking for low fees and commissions. Libertex offers CFDs on stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. If someone is an expert in CFD trading, he or she can use leverage in any transaction.


Foreign exchange, precious metals, stocks, indices, and oil and gas trading are all offered by Forex Capital Markets LLC. Real-time executable exchange rates, interactive charts, chart indicators, and market news are all available.


CAPSTONE was founded by investment bankers and foreign exchange professionals with the goal of providing institutional and wholesale customers with financial derivatives such as foreign exchange transactions, precious metal transactions, and CFDs. Provide dozens of rich investment products to investors in four categories, including foreign exchange, precious metals, CFDs, spreads, and overnight interest products.

6. SaxoTraderGO

Saxo Financial UK Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank. Saxo Financial UK offers online trading and investment in foreign exchange, CFDs, exchange-traded funds, stocks, futures, options, and other derivatives to private investors. The Saxo MT4 platform supports over 60 currency pairs, spot gold and silver, and various CFD online trading products such as indices, commodities, and futures.

7. Robinhood

A financial software for professional stock investment. On the Robinhood app, users can learn about the latest information and changes in the stock financial market, as well as trade stocks on their mobile phones. Robinhood aspires to build the most comprehensive and authoritative stock trading platform!


BB TRADE is a provider of bulk commodity spot electronic trading services as well as spot investment services. It has developed a brand-new financial technology field technology and is actively developing financial technology derivatives. It has a plethora of products and convenient deposits. It employs advanced tools and functions, and the platform system operates automatically to assist user in managing their accounts.

9. ACY Securities

A multi-asset broker and online financial trading platform that offers foreign exchange, stocks, indices, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrency trading. Its primary business objective is to provide cutting-edge technology to assist investors in navigating the global financial market. They are committed to providing customers with efficient and timely execution via the ECN transaction model.


AETOS Capital Group is a well-known financial transaction service provider in Australia, committed to offering a diverse range of financial derivatives transactions to retail customers and institutions, primarily in foreign exchange, metals, energy, stocks, indices, agricultural products, and other CFD products.

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