Lucas: As Biden sinks, Geoff Diehl rises

If President Biden sinks any lower in the polls, he may turn out to be Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl’s best ally.

And even though Biden is not on the ballot in 2022, his dismal record as president will be. And the Republicans like Diehl will make the most of it.

What Democrat running for governor in Massachusetts in their right mind is going out on the campaign trail to defend Joe Biden in the face of soaring inflation, open borders, crime, paying people not to work, mask mandates and a humiliating foreign policy?

Biden not only has no coattails, he has no coat.

How bad is it? Asked last week to name Biden’s biggest” foreign policy achievement, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki replied, “You know, that is a great question. I want to be thoughtful about it. I want to talk to the president about it, and I’m happy to do that.”

Of course, she did no come back with an answer because Biden has no achievements, only fabrications.

Where is the Massachusetts Democrat brave (or foolish) enough to run on a platform of Biden accomplishments? The wiser Democrat candidate will be running away from Biden, not toward him.

There are currently three relatively unknown Democrats, all progressives, running for governor to succeed outgoing moderate Republican Gov. Charlie Baker, who is not seeking re-election. None have run statewide before.

They are former Pittsfield state Sen. Ben Dowling, now of East Boston, Harvard professor Danielle Allen and state Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz of Boston, whose nascent campaign has already run into anti-cop headwinds.

And while the Democrats running for governor will be involved in a three-way fight for the party endorsement and a contested primary, Diehl will face no serious GOP primary opposition. And, unlike the three Democrats, Diehl has run a statewide campaign when he lost to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2018.

Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey could also run. But unlike the other three, she would have her two-term public record as attorney general to defend.

This includes her much-heralded, slam-dunk case against two top officials at the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home, where 76 veterans tragically died from COVID-19. Her case was thrown out of court last week by Hampden Superior Court Judge Edward J. McDonough Jr. Healey is appealing.

Baker also came under fire for the failures at the Soldier’s Home since he appointed the superintendent. But Baker will not be around for the Democrats to kick around on the issue. Healey will.

And truth be known, Diehl, who announced his challenge to Baker long before Baker decided not to run, has been more critical of the outgoing governor than the three Democrats running have been combined.

In other words, Diehl was willing to take Baker on before any of the Democrats did, Healey included.

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