How well has Biden handled COVID-19?

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Holiday shoppers in Rockefeller Center weighed in on how they thought President Biden has handled the pandemic as the omicron variant spreads across the U.S.

“With the handling of COVID, I would probably give him a seven,” one man rated Biden on a scale of 1-10. “He’s doing all that he possibly can, but we have to continue to go slow to go fast.”

The rapidly spreading omicron variant is quickly becoming the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S., representing 73% of new cases, according to data the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released.

Another man rated Biden’s performance on COVID a “nine out of 10.”


“I think the rollout of the vaccine’s been very effective, there’s been a lot of hurdles that have come at him but ultimately we’re doing the best we can,” he said.  

“Get the booster!” a woman chimed in.

Another woman gave the president a perfect score: “He’s doing a great job in my opinion, 10.” 

“He is very good in communication, sending messages, especially accurate ones, with the science backing up the information,” she said.

Many of the shoppers who approved of the president’s handling of the pandemic are at odds with the majority of the country.

A poll published Monday showed that 41% of Americans approved of Biden’s job performance. Notably, support among independent voters dropped by eight points in just one week, hitting an all-time low of 29%.

These poll results come as the Biden administration struggles with inflation fears among American consumers and a new rise in coronavirus cases.


Not everyone Fox spoke to was happy with Biden’s performance, however.  

“Negative fifty,” one woman rated.

A Virginia man said: “I would say between a two and a three. He should have been faster to get 12-year-olds, and like, people under 12 all vaccinated … maybe we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.”

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