‘NCIS’ Fans Are Tweeting About Pauley Perrette’s Dramatic Hair Transformation

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Pauley Perrette is looking fabulous these days with her new rainbow hair.

For 15 years, NCIS fans fell in love with Pauley’s character, Abby Sciuto, and her unique style, youthful spirit and, of course, brilliance. Abby’s jet-black hair, bangs, pigtails and gothic style became iconic. Although Pauley left the show in 2018, many are still used to seeing her with jet-black hair. But this fall, Pauley decided to shake things up with a rainbow look — and the results are incredible.

I’m a rainbow!!! #rainbow #MyHair #DIY,” Abby tweeted on November 9, along with four photos of her new hair. Her rainbow-inspired hair incorporates a mixture of yellow, orange, purple, green and red shades.

Right away, some of Pauley’s fans rushed to shower the star with compliments. “Not everybody can pull this off…. But you certainly can…. the colors look great on you…. Absolutely beautiful…. You are the sunshine to the rainbow,” one fan tweeted. “Looking lovely as you are such a pretty person , no matter what you do will suit you. Miss you in NCIS xxxxxx,” another said.

Since leaving NCIS, Pauley has distanced herself from both the public eye and her role of Abby. After a brief stint on the CBS sitcom Broke (which was canceled after one season) in 2020, she announced her retirement from acting.

“I [am] finally and happily retired! And this is what I was looking forward to!!! My rules in life now are “if my #rescuedogs don’t care, it’s cool! I only answer to God and animals and plants now. WOOT!!!,” she tweeted in October 2020.

It sounds like Pauley is enjoying her retirement and life after acting. We love to see it!

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