PS5 Restock at Target Ends in Holiday Heartbreak

A new restock of the PlayStation 5 took place at Target this morning. The sale, which is surely the last one that Target will hold before Christmas, gave a number of customers one final shot to snag Sony‘s latest console before the holidays. And while many may have gone into this PS5 restock holding out hope for a Christmas miracle, it seems like most were instead only left with heartbreak. 

Not long after this new PS5 restock began at Target this morning, social media began to fill up with reactions from customers who were looking to purchase the hardware. Even though there were some notable wins from a handful of people, it seems like the majority of these customers that were chasing down the PS5 were left wanting once again. 

The main reason why this restock of the PS5 seemed to go south for some was because of the Target website. Although some customers didn’t report any issues when buying their own PS5, others said that the site either crashed, froze, or simply wouldn’t acknowledge that they had even added the console to their cart. This is something that has unfortunately become common with many of these PS5 restocks at Target. Hopefully, the website’s reliability will become better as we move into 2022. 

Did you try to cop a PS5 for yourself in today’s new restock at Target? If so, be sure to let me know what your own experience was like either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

In addition, keep reading on below if you would like to see some of the reactions from customers who tried to buy the PS5 earlier this morning. 

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