Daniel Craig says James Bond films shouldn’t be watched on phones

Daniel Craig has criticised reported plans to turn James Bond into a streaming spin-off franchise.

In September, Amazon purchased Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio responsible for producing the Bond films, for $8.45bn (£6.3bn).

As part of the deal, the tech conglomerate now has co-ownership of the franchise, with reports earlier this month (via The Sun) suggesting that Amazon wants to produce a Marvel-esque spin-off show for streaming based on Bond.

However, film bosses at Eon Productions, who own the rights to 007, are said to be against the changes.

Speaking to The Sun, Craig, who recently starred in his last outing as the spy in No Time to Die, hit out at the plans, saying that Bond should not be watched on mobile phones.

“One of the greatest things that’s happened is we got this movie into the cinema,” Craig said, adding: “That’s where Bond movies should be.”

He continued: “They don’t look so good on a phone. They look great on an Imax screen. It looks great on a 30ft screen. And they are family events. It gets the family out. As long as there’s event movies like this, then cinema’s got a chance of surviving.”

No Time to Die was the second highest grossing Hollywood film this year, making £547m in the global box office as of November.

It was knocked off the top spot this week by Spider-Man: No Way Home, which has made £596m since it was released on Thursday 16 December.

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