His colorful commentary on all things pop culture has often made for trending topics, and Boosie Badazz‘s has done it once again with his controversial remarks about R. Kelly‘s case. Boosie has long supported the disgraced singer through the accusations of rape, sex trafficking, and sexual misconduct with underage girls, and during a recent visit to VladTV, the rapper details why he believes those allegations are “exaggerated.”

“This is how I feel about that: Everything was pushed to another level. I just feel like R. Kelly like the young b*tches,” said Boosie.

R Kelly
Mark Davis / Staff / Getty Images

“All that sh*t, seducing and kidnapping and all this sh*t in somebody house—if you leave a b*tch at the house and you go on tour for two weeks and she don’t go nowhere, that b*tch ain’t been kidnapped. She waitin’ on daddy to come home. A b*tch ain’t been kidnapped. B*tch ain’t been sexualized if she been in the bed with three, four women.”

Boosie doubled down in saying that the women weren’t taken advantage of by Kelly “because she is willing.” The rapper added, “He just f*cked up on the age part, if he did it. I’m not sayin’ he’s guilty or if he did do it, it’s because of the age. The rest of that sh*t, they exaggeratin’, bro.” As far as the witnesses were concerned, Boosie said it “seems like he f*cked them.”

Watch this controversial clip of Boosie’s interview below and let us know if you agree or disagree with him.