German MEP tells PAP policy of concessions to Russia is dangerous

Ahmed Jalil/PAP/EPA

A German MEP has told PAP that history shows that a policy of concessions to Russia is both dangerous and counterproductive, and has appealed for a radical change of the EU’s language and politics towards the Kremlin.

Viola von Cramon, a German MEP of the Greens party, said that, while speaking to brutal people, it was necessary to use the language they understood. 

Russia has built up its forces on the Ukrainian border, prompting speculation that Moscow might launch an invasion at the beginning of next year.

According to von Cramon, this is how the brutal persecutor has been blackmailing its weaker neighbours, while the rest of the world has just been looking at this situation.

The MEP, who is an expert in Russia and post-Soviet states, said that such things had repeated themselves in the history of mankind, and that the policy of concessions to Russia was dangerous, immoral and counterproductive.

Von Cramon went on to say that, in her opinion, Ukraine is not Russia’s goal because it poses a threat. It is its goal because Ukrainians defend European values, because they have opened themselves up to freedom, and because they want to decide themselves about their own future.

Referring to Nord Stream 2, the nearly-ready Russia-Germany gas pipeline, which bypasses Eastern Europe and is seen by Warsaw as a threat to the region’s energy security, von Cramon said that, while increasing dependence on Russia, we have been betraying our allies and calling into question the future of the European continent.

Von Cramon said that “sanctions, tough sanctions,” were necessary in the current situation, and added that, if Russia started another war, it should be severely punished. Let us show Russia that it is international law that matters and not the law of the jungle, she concluded.

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