Don’t Look Up’s End-Credits Revelation, Explained

Let’s dive into the end-credits of Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up and how karma didn’t really do the planet justice with a comet approaching.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Don’t Look Up, now in theaters and streaming on Netflix.

In Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, it’s really hard to find a person — other than Jennifer Lawrence’s Kate — worth redeeming. All of the main characters are pretty despicable, operating under selfish motives in order to capitalize on humanity’s plight as a comet approaches to wipe life out on Earth. However, while the comet does eventually hit, the movie’s end-credits hold a shocking revelation with a key player surprisingly left alive.

What Happened In Don’t Look Up’s End-Credits?

Jonah Hill's Jason is left behind in Don't Look Up, a la Home Alone

In this scene, we saw the White House covered in ash, with rubble all over the place. However, Jonah Hill’s Jason Orlean, the son of President Orlean (Meryl Streep), emerges from the fallout. He realizes he’s probably the last man alive and begins live-streaming.

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He’s in denial that everything and everyone is gone, but then again, such is his ego, it’s understandable why he feels like he needs to let his followers know he’s okay. Still, he has a panicked look on his face, which suggests he knows civilization is done and a new era has to be rebuilt, if possible.

Why Did Jason Get Left Behind?

Jonah Hill's Jason is left behind in Don't Look Up, a la Home Alone

In the finale, Jason’s mom abandons the White House, heading off into space in a secret ark belonging to tech-magnate, Isherwell, where the haves seek a new planet to colonize. Jason is adamant that his mom will return to mission control after Isherwell failed to nuke the comet, but she totally forgot about him, only realizing mid-flight. Still, she’s unperturbed as she is safe and sound.

This highlights how dysfunctional and selfish the mother is, coming off as a fascist and the ultimate capitalist in the film. She manipulates the working classes against each other, all so the elite aim to mine the comet and make trillions off precious metal once they get fragments to land on Earth instead of one annihilative chunk. But when the plan backfires and the sanctimonious President flees, it becomes clear the rich deem the rich expendable too, and not even family is held in a sacred light.

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Does Jason Deserve This Cruel Fate?

Dont Look Up Isherwell 1

Yes, he does, because he engineered his mom’s political career, even going on the record as calling poor people “rednecks.” He has no problem sacrificing them for the greater good, or profiting off their deaths. Jason even used secret agents to muzzle scientists like Kate, as well as others wanting the truth, while forming a “Don’t Look Up” movement that’s clearly McKay’s shot at Donald Trump’s MAGA initiative.

In fact, Jason has tones, not just of the Trump family with his celebrity misdemeanor, but of Jared Kushner and the ilk as he keeps harping on one America, with borders, walls and no migrants. Jason also helps push the plan to cut India, China and Russia out of the nuking plan, which ultimately sees Isherwell’s drones overwhelmed in space, which leads to the Earth being demolished and Jason left to suffer, not knowing if he had subscribers or enemies out there.

To see how karma catches up with Jason, Don’t Look Up is in theaters now and on Netflix.

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