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A Q’eqchi (kek-CHI) Maya forestry enterprise in Toledo District has started its first export of rosewood for 2022. According to the Sarstoon Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM), the Rax Mu Qiche (rash moo ki-CHE) enterprise, run by the community of Conejo Creek, finalised the shipment of five thousand and eighty-five board feet of rosewood to France. SATIIM says that this development supports the idea that the growing demand for sustainable wood can drive Belize’s green economy with indigenous sustainable forestry as its engine. SATIIM’s Project Manager, Martin Cus spoke to Love News today about the importance of this.

Martin Cus, Project Manager, SATIIM: “ The community owns the forest management. It was established in 2008 and it is owned by the community and they are able to manage in a sustainable way showing to the other communities and other districts they can be able to manage by local people. They have been trained to manage their forests using the technologies like for example they have been trained to use GPS and also being trained to collect the forest data with support of the Forest Department so we can say they have a good system in place, they have a recording system whereby that they have doing from the direction felling they have entered a database system whereby they have a traceability system. In other words that if they fell a tree they’ll be able to record their species and the number and also the milling number remains there as well and that way I can see that those people they have the potential and they are being trained and they keep up with that standard

This enterprise resulted in every household in the village receiving a gift basket for the holidays in December. Cus reiterated that that this milestone also opens the door for greater investment and development opportunities for the community in the long-term.

Martin Cus, Project Manager, SATIIM:  “They had employed their own villages for example they operate on an operational basis. For example the first activity is they establish their compartment they will hire their own local forester, their own local people doing all the transects and data entry and those are the people going out daily in the fields to establish a compartment. The other one in terms of the harvesting of logs they have also field staff, field supervisors they are from the local village as well they are being trained to do so and so they can be able to provide as much support to their community. For example they have as I said they have field staff so they’ll be able to provide the income or the support to their families.

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