First Kill: How the Netflix Series Updates Twilight For Current Times

From the release of the first Twilight novel in 2005, vampires have gained even more popularity, and the movies in The Twilight Saga generated a surge in doomed vampiric romances (especially amongst teenagers), from The Vampire Diaries to True Blood. We cannot deny the chemistry between Edward and Bella, beautifully brought to the screen by Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, although, as times have changed, vampires have changed with it.

The vampire series First Kill, which was released on Netflix on June 10th and was based on a short story by V.E. Schwabhas, has taken a spin on the original teen vampire romance, with a much-needed update, showing us a love story between two girls. It follows the story of Juliette, the second born daughter in a family of legacy vampires. The blood pills she’s lived off of her entire life are losing their efficacy, and it’s time for her to make her first kill.


But Juliette is a rare breed, a legacy vamp with a conscience who is desperate to avoid killing at all costs. As she does everything she can to stop herself getting a taste of blood, she realizes she has another big problem to worry about – her attraction to Calliope. Unfortunately for Juliette, Calliope comes from a family of monster hunters, and Calliope also cannot deny her feelings for Juliette, making their relationship bloodthirsty and tricky. While it may be 2022, we still have the 2008 Twilight running through our veins, but this may now be the modern Twilight that we needed.

A Love As Deep As Edward and Bella’s

First Kill displays Twilight‘s influence right from the title sequence, and as Stephanie Mabey’s The Zombie Song plays, we hear the line “they’d be jealous that our love is deeper than Edward and Bella’s.” This perfectly sets the tone for what feels like a modern version and something that will be a rival between two families. Well, we certainly weren’t disappointed.

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Coming from a long line of vampire hunters, Calliope is also looking for her first kill, but can she set aside her crush on Juliette to follow in her family’s footsteps? While both Juliette and Calliope fight between their attraction to each other and their families, we are served a family feud drama with plenty of fighting, which is exactly the supernatural tension that we loved in Twilight. Traditions, forbidden love, rival families, and a fight against all odds – these sound like the makings of the perfect Edward and Bella scenario. Throughout First Kill, both Juliette and Calliope put everything on the line, much like Edward and Bella, and are willing to do whatever it takes to be together despite belonging to vastly different cultures. Sound familiar?

First Kill and Pride Month

Released during pride month, Netflix is making sure that lesbian and queer individuals are served with this beautiful LGBTQ+ TV series. As lovable as Twilight was, as we have evolved as a society, it is refreshing to see Twilight essentially being updated and the LGBTQ+ community gaining some teen vamp drama, too, especially today’s teens. Not to mention that the story of First Kill is handled well, as the narrative doesn’t focus on the ‘coming out’ or the fact that they are both girls; the series is not like other shows that tend to put a lot of conflict on the character’s sexualities, but instead refreshingly normalizes them.

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In the series, both of the girls’ families are completely accepting that they’re queer, something which is not their main focus – Juliette’s mother is not concerned that her daughter is in love with a girl, she is more concerned that she is in love with a vampire hunter (much like Edward being in love with a human). It is inspiring to see First Kill honor the LGBTQ+ community and strong queer stories but not draw a grandstanding focus on the fact they are gay; it is instead presented as just normal, which keeps the focus and tension on the high-stakes vampire love that we thrive off.

First Kill: The Gay Twilight Many Fans Wanted

At the time of its release, fans took to Twitter to express their excitement for the show, saying things like “First Kill will be my Twilight,” “gay Twilight fans, First Kill is for us;” another hoped that they were given “Twilight levels of angst about bloodthirst,” and one fan even said they “love that First Kill is literally just taking lesbians and giving them every single trope known to man in the vampire genre that straight people get.” Netflix even hoped that it would follow in the footsteps of Twilight, and it is safe to say that fans have adored the show, which has now been deemed ‘the Gay Twilight.’

For those who remember picking between Team Edward or Team Jacob, these are something that fans find delightfully familiar and nostalgic in this show. While vampires may never age, neither does our inner vampire fan (especially our deep love for Twilight).

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