Panda Express, Unknown Second Eatery To Take Place Of Diner –

A rendering of the Panda Express.

One restaurant – and most likely a second – will take the place of a Middletown Township diner that has been a local staple for years.

The Middletown Township Board of Supervisors voted Monday evening to approve a plan to remove the Langhorne Speedway Diner and construct a 2,540 Panda Express with a drive-thru lane in its place. There will be space for a second drive-thru restaurant, but a tenant has not been found yet.

With the approval, the sale of the property will move forward. It is unclear when the diner will close and when construction will start.

A view of the plans.

According to the plan, the Panda Express building and drive-thru lane will be constructed where the diner sits at the moment. There would be upgrades to the parking area and stormwater system on the 1.6-acre property.

John VanLuvanee, the attorney representing Panda Express, said the company is committed to using the second pad site for a drive-thru restaurant, but they just don’t have a partner yet.


Panda Express will add a sidewalk along East Lincoln Highway.

Panda Express is a popular fast food chain known for serving American-Chinese cuisine.


Panda Express, which is based in California, operates more than 2,200 restaurants and has locations in numerous countries.

The Langhorne Speedway Diner in April 2022.
Credit: Tom Sofield/

The existing diner building was constructed in 1967.


The eatery was known as the Blue Fountain Diner until a name change in 2017. The Langhorne Speedway Diner name is in homage to the racetrack that operated in the area from 1926 until 1971.

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